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DIY your own Bath Bombs & other tips for self-care efficiency.

I once had a friend comment that my bathroom looked like that of a chemist with all the jars of colorful bath salts and bombs waiting patiently to play in my bath tub.  It was the best compliment I’ve ever received, probably because I failed chemistry so to think I could even be close to such genius is just...I was flattered.

I savior bath time, it’s the ultimate self-care experience. Candles, red wine, phone and lights turned off, face mask on and me splashing around happily like the Little Mermaid who wants to show off all her gadgets and gizmos of plenty.  

But how do I prepare the bath? Well that’s where the salts and bombs come in. Now, I keep both on hand because you never know what type of day you will have had. For the sake of this article, I’m going to say that you had a Bombs-kind-of day. Make of that what you wish.  Here is my DIY bath bomb recipe for your enjoyment, (and if you give up, no judgement here... just get one of ours.) 

Before I dive you deep into becoming your own mermaid and creating your special bomb potion, I must also state that alongside your concoction feel free to add a crystal at the bottom on the tub for extra Juju. Yes, salt is a crystal and that is going into this recipe but I also love adding a rose quartz to my bath or a botanical explosion using a facial steam from dried flowers and herbs. 

Choose wisely as some crystals don’t do well in water or alongside salt. If you find that your favorite crystal is on the ‘do not’ list, simply put it next to your bath candle. Oh yes, you should have a bath candle


Let’s do this!

What you’ll need: 

1 cup baking soda

½ cup Epsom salt

½ cup citric acid (found in most specialty grocery stores in their Wellness section)

½ cup cornstarch

¾ tsp. water (feel free to add a little bit more if too dry)

2 tsp essential oil (I personally love the combo of rose + ylang ylang)

2 tsp jojoba oil (this also goes well in any DIY body scrub recipes)

A few drops of food coloring if desired 

For the mold, you can choose either silicone baking molds or molds specifically designed for bath bombs. 

Top with a small, dried flower of your choice (or environmentally-safe glitter)

Step 1. Mix the baking soda, Epsom salt and cornstarch together.

Step 2. In a separate container mix all the liquids together

Step 3. Mix the liquids with the dry ingredients. 

Step 4. Add the citric acid to the mix. It will fizzle, this is my favorite part to watch.

Step 5. Put the mixture into the mold of your choice and press down hard. I like to use a large spoon to help pack them in tightly. 

Step 6. Take the bombs out of the mold and let them air dry 24-48 hours before stashing them in containers that won’t be exposed to any water. 

**The amount of bath bombs this recipe makes depends on the size of the mold**



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